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Cognitive Dynamics and the Language Sciences.

Sidney Sussex College,
United Kingdom

Friday 9th September to
Sunday 11th September 2005

Papers from the conference will be published in a special issue of Language Sciences to be edited by Stephen Cowley.

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Aiming to promote the language sciences, the organizers highlight two themes. First, pursuing debate between Nigel Love and Don Ross, we ask if there is any sense in which language is usefully pictured as a digital code. Second, using game theory, we raise new questions about the nature and functions of human signalling. In so doing, we build on a consensus that emerged at the 2003 mind AND world conference in Durban, South Africa. In that setting, participants with a wide range of backgrounds accepted that language transforms the causal processes that connect brain, body and world. On such a view, language becomes –not a dedicated processing system– but a heterogeneous set of artefacts implicated in cultural activities. Participants to Cognitive Dynamics and the Language Sciences were thus asked to use their work in considering how bodies and artefacts impact on cognitive dynamics. Attention was given to time-scales that affect communication, development, cultural history and natural selection. By using an interdisciplinary perspective to integrate phenomena across such dimensions, we hope that the conference can help breathe new life into the scientific study of language-behaviour


Don Ross (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Language and the dynamics of signalling - Read abstract

Nigel Love (Cape Town, South Africa)
Language and the digital code - Read abstract

Alex Kravchenko (Irkusk, Russia)
Essential properties of language, or why language is not a (digital) code - Read abstract

Paul Thibault (Kristiansand, Norway)
Language, Anticipatory Dynamics, and the Distributed Nature of Activity and Meaning Making - Read abstract

Stein Bråten (Oslo, Norway)
Byond egocentric utility: On the origins of protoconversation and (pre)verbal learning by altercentric participation - Read abstract

Per Linell (Linköping, Sweden)
Dialogical Language and Dialogical Minds - Read abstract

Angelo Cangelosi (Plymouth, UK)
The Evolution and Grounding of Language in Multi-Agent and Robotic Systems - Read abstract

Bert Hodges (Gordon, Massachusets)
Good prospects: Ecological and social perspectives on talking together. - Read abstract

Richard Menary (Hertfordshire, UK)
Why we are Special: Writing as Thinking

Mike Wheeler (Stirling, UK)
Continuity in Question: Linguistic Competence and the Extended Mind - Read abstract

Phil Carr (Montpellier, France)
Internalism, externalism and coding - Read abstract

Marlon Barrios Solano (artist, New York)


Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. UK


This has been organised through Sidney Sussex College. Should anyone not wish to take up this offer, they should contact the conference organizer.


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