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 Dr Stephen Cowley

School of Psychology
University of Hertfordshire
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Published Papers

My publications are listed below. The icons take you to earlier or penultimate drafts of materials whose final publication details are given. Papers fall into 4 categories –although there is some overlap (especially between categories 1 and 2).

The groupings are:

1. Language, cognition and interaction
4. Modelling interaction and extended symbol grounding
5. Interaction-oriented robotics

1. Language, cognition and interaction

Keestra, M., Cowley, S.J.(2007) Foundationalism and neuroscience; silence and language, Lang. Sci., doi:10.1016/j.langsci.2007.09.004

Cowley, S.J. (2006). Distributed language: biomechanics, functions and the origins of talk. In Lyon, C., Nehaniv, C. & Cangelosi, A. (eds.) The Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication, Springer: London, pp. 105-129.

Cowley, S.J. & Kravchenko, A. (2007) Cognitive Dynamics and the Language Sciences. pp 133-141 Russian translation appearing in Voprosy Vazykoznanija Issues in Linguistics.

Cowley, S. J. & Love, N. (forthcoming). Language and cognition, or, how to avoid the conduit metaphor. To appear in A. Duszak and U. Okulska (ed.) Bridges and Walls in Metalinguistic Discourse, Peter Lang: Peter Lang: Frankfurt, pp. 135-154.

Cowley, S.J. (2006). Bridges to history: biomechanical constraints in language. In N. Love (ed.) Integrational linguistics and history Routledge: London, pp. 200-223.

Cowley, S. J. (2005) The Origins of Language: a Distributed View. AISB Proceedings. Workshop on the Evolution and Emergence of language.

Cowley, S.J. (2004). Simulating others: the basis of human cognition? Language Sciences, 26/3: 273-299.

Cowley, S.J. (2004). Contextualizing bodies: how human responsiveness constrains distributed cognition. In D. Spurrett (ed.) Special issue on Integrational Linguistics and Distributed Cognition, Language Sciences, 26/6, 565-591.

Cowley, S. J. (2002). Why brains matter: an integrational perspective on “The Symbolic Species”. Language Sciences, 24: 73-95.

Cowley, S.J. (2001). The baby, the bathwater and the “language instinct” debate. Language Sciences 23: 69-91.

Cowley, S.J. (1997). Of representations and language. Language and Communication, 17/4, 279-300.

2. Language in human development

Cowley, S.J. (2007) How human infants deal with symbol grounding. Interaction Studies, 8/1: 81-104.

Spurrett, D. & Cowley, S.J. (forthcoming). The extended infant. To appear in R. Menary (ed.) The Extended Mind, Palgrave.

Cowley, S.J. (2006). Communication promotes cognition: the rise of childish minds. Commentary on Locke, J & Bogin, B., Behavioral and Brain Sciences.29/3, 283.

Cowley, S. J. (forthcoming). The Cradle of Language: making sense of bodily connections. To appear in D. Moyal-Sharrock (ed.) Perspicuous Presentations.

Cowley, S.J. (2005). Languaging: How humans and bonobos lock on to human modes of life. International Journal of Computational Cognition, 3/1: 44-55.

Cowley, S.J. (2004). Early hominins, utterance-activity and niche construction. Commentary on Falk, D. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 27, 509-510.

Cowley, S.J., Moodley, S. & Fiori-Cowley, A. (2004). Grounding signs of culture: primary intersubjectivity in social semiosis. Mind, Culture and Activity, 11/2: 109-132.

Spurrett, D. & Cowley, S.J. (2004) How to do things without words. Language Sciences, 26/5: 443- 466.

Cowley, S.J. (2003). Distributed cognition at three months: mother-infant dyads in kwaZulu Natal. Alternation, 10.2: 229-257.

Cowley, S.J. & Spurrett, D. (2003). Putting apes, (body and language) together again. Language Sciences, 25: 289-318.

3. Prosody in interaction

Cowley, S. J. (forthcoming). Language and biosemiosis: a necessary unity? To appear in Semiotica, 2007.

Cowley, S.J. (forthcoming). Beyond symbols: how interaction enslaves distributed cognition. Invited paper for P. Thibault & C. Prevignano (Eds.), Interaction Analysis and Language: Discussing the State-of-the-art.

Blair, G. & Cowley, S. J. (2003). Language in iterating activity: microcognition re-membered. Alternation, 10.1: 132-162.

Cowley, S.J. (2001). Prosody and pedagogy in the new South Africa. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, 19: 179-196.

Cowley, S.J. (1998). Of turn-taking, timing and conversations. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 27/5, 541-571.

Cowley, S.J. (1997). Conversation, co-ordination and vertebrate communication. Semiotica, 115 1/, 27-52.

Cowley, S.J. (1994). Conversational functions of rhythmical paterning: a behavioural perspective. Language and Communication, 14, 353-376.

4. Extending symbol grounding

Belpaeme, T. & Cowley, S.J. (2007) Extending symbol grounding. Interaction Studies, 8/1: 2-6.

Cowley, S.J. & MacDorman, K.F. (2006). What baboons, babies and Tetris players tell us about interaction: a biosocial view of norm-based social learning. Connection Science, 18(4), 313-318

Cowley, S. J. (in press). Distributed language: biomechanics, functions and the origins of talk. To appear: Lyon, C., Nehaniv, C. & Cangelosi, (eds.) The Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication, Springer. pp105-109

Cowley, S. J. (2005) In the beginning: word or deed? Commentary on Steels, L. & Belpaeme, T. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 24/8,493-494.

MacDorman, K. F., Minato, T., Shimada, M., Itakura, S., Cowley, S. & Ishiguro, H. (2005). Assessing human likeness by eye contact in an android testbed. Proceedings of the XXVII Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. July 21 - 23, 2005. Stresa, Italy.

Cowley, S.J. & MacDorman, K.F. (1995). Simulating conversations: the communion game. AI and Society, 9.3, 116-137.

5. Interaction-oriented robotics

MacDorman, K.F & Cowley, S.J. (2006). Single white robot seeks human companions for LTR: A new benchmark for robot personhood. Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication. Hertfordshire, September, 6-8, 2006, pp. 378-383.

Nabe, S., Cowley, S.J., Kanda, T. Ishiguro, H. Iraki, K. & Nargita, N. (2006). Robots and social mediators: coding for engineers. Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication. University of Hertfordshire, September, 6-8 2006, pp. 384-390.

Cowley, S.J & Kanda, H. (2005). Friendly machines: Interaction-oriented robots today and tomorrow. Alternation, 12.1a: 79-106.


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