Psychology Research: Call for Subjects

Written in Scars: Stories of Recovery from Self Harm

I am a third year Clinical Psychology Doctorate student at the University of Hertfordshire. I am looking to complete my doctorate research by exploring recovering from self harm and the relationships that individuals have with their scars.

This research will be aiming to contribute to help to improve services for individuals recovering from self harm, and develop knowledge around this area from a user and recovery perspective.

I am therefore looking for individuals (aged 18 years and over) that have recovered from self harming to interview about their experiences, recovery and relationships with their scars.

If you may be interested in participating in my study, please email me and I will send you further information.

If you feel that you may know someone who may be interested in participating please forward this request on.

Thank you

Lisa Shaverin
Trainee Clinical Psychologist
University of Hertfordshire

Supervised by
Dr Nick Wood
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
University of Hertfordshire

This study has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee at the University of Hertfordshire, Registration Protocol Number: PSY/10/11/LS.

Research Leader